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Belly Dance Books & Other Top Resources (an ongoing compilation)

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Belly Dance Magazines – Online (Free Resource!)

  • The Gilded Serpent – leading online journal for Oriental dance; emphasis on international experiences, event reports, costuming and customs, dancer’s personal experiences (both in the U.S. and abroad). Edited by Lynette Harris, with high editorial standards.
  • Belly Dance New Englance – selected articles from this long-running belly dance journal are now online; good content and selection; personally recommend the articles in the Glitter Litter section – well-thought-out perspectives valuable to any dancer; new or experienced “pro.”
  • Zaghareet! – while dominantly a print magazine, if you go to the main site, click on Zaghareet Magazine, and scroll down the page, you’ll get to an option to look at “selected articles” from past issues – particularly valuable are the biopics on two of New York’s “greatest” – Anahid Sofian and Morocco.

Belly Dance Blogs and Content-Rich Websites

  • Morocco’s new website – “The Marvelous Meanderings of Morocco” – includes full-length reprints of her articles over the past three dozen (or more?) years – definitive guide to understanding the cultural history of Oriental dance (Raks Sharqi) in the United States today. Each time you go to her site, you’re presented with new offerings – like a wonderful grab-bag into the ethnography of Oriental dance!
  • Amartia – lovely dancer specializing in Greek belly dance; nice blog that leads with entries on costumes.
  • Yasmina’s “Joy of Belly Dancing” – comprehensive site with lots of information; particularly useful for new dancers.
  • Salome’s “Oriental Dancer” – comprehensive site with lots of information; I particularly like the “Belly Dancer Lyrics”.
  • The Belly Dance Geek Taktaba Blog – New England-based, with a comprehensive reach – the Belly Dance Geek has gone from basic format to an Opt-In format with access to regular live interviews; available online after the live interview takes place. Interesting and varied selection of topics and invited guests.

YouTube Links – “Best of the Best”

Right now, selecting from my blogs, providing the curated “best-of-the-best” on topics near and dear to your hearts!

Belly Dance Organizations in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and Northern Virginia

  • WAMEDA – the Washington Area Mid-Eastern Dance Association
  • Tiraz Dance Network – North Virginia Oriental dance collaborative
  • DC Tribal Collective – is a collective of tribal and fusion bellydancers in the Washington DC Metro area who get together to support each other, establish and maintain professional standards and to foster and promote an amazing dance community.

Belly Dance Worldwide – Online Listings for Classes, Resources, and Valuable Info

  • – one of the most enduring repositories of Oriental dance resources and information on the web – a great site!
  • – Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More!
  • Bhuz – a great forum for the latest in belly dance.
  • Belly Dance Classes – listing of belly dance classes throughout the world.
  • Belly Dance Classes in North Virginia – a “baker’s dozen” of teachers in and about the NoVA (North Virginia) area. (For dance teachers in the Greater DC Metro Area, including Maryland, visit WAMEDA.)

More to Come

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  • Music – lists, suppliers, more,
  • DVDs – what we think is REALLY worth your hard-earned dollar, and
  • Books – for those times that you really just “need a good read.”

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