Belly Dance for Sex Energy Transmutation

Check out this Youtube clip on the gnostic teachings regarding sexual alchemy:
Gnostic Sexual Alchemy

I’ll fill in more about this soon.

In the meantime, a couple of good YouTube vids:

Too Cold to Get Out of Bed?

Belly Dance When It’s Just TOO COLD!

Sometimes, it's too cold to get out of bed.
Sometimes, it’s too cold to get out of bed.

Sometimes, it’s just too damn cold.

A self-respecting cat will just stay under the covers.

But with the cold – and for many of us, the snow-shoveling – our lower backs get tight.

More than not fun, this actually gets a little dangerous.

Risk of pulled muscles, all that.

So what’s a cat to do?

Stay under the covers and stretch!


Yes, Sometimes We’re Amazon Warriors

Robert Fusaro Sensei, 8th-Dan, Shotokan Karate, <a href="">Midwest Karate Association</a>.
Robert Fusaro Sensei, 8th-Dan, Shotokan Karate, Midwest Karate Association. (Photo from

Years ago, I studied Shotokan karate with world-renowned Robert Fusaro Sensei. (He’s now Eighth-Dan; that is – 8th-degree black belt – first and only Caucasian to reach that rank, I believe.) He still teaches in Minneapolis, MN, where it is even colder than it is here in the Mid-Atlantic this week.

Fusaro Sensei has brought many of his students to a high level, including several women who have reached 4th and 5th-Dan (4th and 5th-degree black belts).

Fusaro Sensei has always shown great respect for the dance art, and has particularly complimented Cassandra, who teaches Oriental dance in Minneapolis. (At one point, Fusaro Sensei and Cassandra shared studio space. Not the same classes, mind you!)

Here’s an Unveiling excerpt about studying with Fusaro Sensei:

One winter morning, with the temperature about 15 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), I showed up with other students for the 6:30 AM class. The furnace had gone out over night, and they were awaiting repairs. The top floor dojo was icy cold. Harsh, northwest winds buffeted the exterior walls, stripping away the meager warmth provided by kerosene heaters. Our feet cringed against the frigid floor as we donned our karate gi’s. Leading us slowly and carefully through warm-up stretches, Fusaro Sensei gazed at us firmly. “This is Bushido [“way of the warrior”] training,” he said. Fusaro Sensei taught us to take all of our life experiences as part of our training and overall development – including an early-morning cold dojo!

From Unveiling: The Inner Journey, Chapter 23: “In Praise of a Few Good Men,” p. 324.

Bushido training appeals to us when we’re in our Amazon Warrior mode.

But sometimes, we want to be in Hathor mode; accessing our inner goddess of sensuality and pleasure.

So what do we do when our backs are tight, and when there’s still more snow to shovel?

We do The Most Luscious, Nurturing, Feel-Good Thing You Can Do. Yes, this is my post from this time, last year. And if you’re going to read just one post from me – read this one. (Hint – it’s about figure-eights – and their connection with our vital energy> – and you can practice in bed!)


Raising Our Internal Energy (When We Don’t Feel Like Moving)


Sometimes, before we even change into dance clothes, or do warm-ups, we need to get our energy going first. Then we can get the physical body into action.

Check out this lovely Energy-Raising YouTube with energy healer Carol Tuttle. The clip itself is only about six minutes, and once you’ve learned the energy-raising techniques, you can do them in about a minute. You can do this while waiting for coffee to brew, while microwaving a quick breakfast, or even to take a break at your desk. (Not that obtrusive, and you don’t need special clothes.) Check it out – I just did, this is fun!


Very best wishes as you use Oriental dance (belly dance) for expressing those aspects of yourself that come out only when you dance!

Yours in dance –

Alay'nya - author of "Unveiling: The Inner Journey"
Alay’nya – author of Unveiling: The Inner Journey

Author of Unveiling: The Inner Journey
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Book of the Month (April, 2012) – "Simply Irresistible" by Ellen T. White

Simply Irresistible: Unleash Your Inner Siren by Ellen T. White

“Simply Irresistible” by Ellen T. White is a delightful and lively little book; a perfect read for a summer vacation, a weekend at home during a snowstorm, or for a book club (with just the “right” other readers!).

Of various other books that are similar, and which I know and love (e.g., “Seductress,” by Betsy Prioleau, and “Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts” by Regena Thomaschauer), this one offers the special advantage of psychological insights, deftly drawn character studies (we always learn the most by studying examples), and a light, breezy style that makes this a perfect stress-antidote.

Ms. White organizes the book into two different Parts. Part One describes the various “types” of seductresses who snag their men. Part Two teaches the useful “skills and methods.” Both of these approaches are useful, and I’m delighted that she included both – each well-supported with juicy little examples and historical vignettes.

What I found particularly surprising and delightful is that Ms. White’s organization of “Inner Siren types” corresponds so closely with the known “feminine archetypes.” Ms. White came up with the her different “Siren types” on her own; she was not following anyone’s particular organization or structure. However, through her own observation, intuition, and insight, she came up with “types” that actually map onto well-known feminine archetypes. These were first put forth by Antonia Wolff (a student and client, and later the lover of the renowned Swiss psychologist Carl Jung), and later interpreted by Dr. Toni Grant in her popular 1980’s book, “Being a Woman.”

Ms. White independently intuited these different “Inner Siren” distinctions. She didn’t come by these through formal study, but rather through careful observation, reflection, and logical thinking. I am thrilled that the distinctions that she’s made match so beautifully to the “core archetypes” first posited by Wolff and popularized by Grant, and (as of summer, 2011) introduced more completely as aspects of the “six core power archetypes” in my own book, “Unveiling: The Inner Journey.”

The “Siren Types” introduced by White are:

  • The “Sex Kitten” – most easily understood as an archetypal role. Marilyn Monroe is the penultimate “Sex Kitten.” This is the Hathor archetype in one version; specialized as a sexual playmate. By the time that the “Sex Kitten” has fully evolved her persona, she is less who she really is, and more a projection of what she believes that a man wants her to be. As a result, she is often confused and unhappy – but she has exceptional allure with men!
  • The “Companion” – a much more evolved version of the “Sex Kitten.” She’s intelligent and witty, and builds great relationships. (These often help the men in her life.) Ms. White cites the famous Lady Randolph Churchill as a “Companion Siren.” Another good instance would be Veronica Franco, a sixteenth-century Italian courtesan who was also a woman of letters. Together, these two “Siren Types” (“Sex Kitten” and “Companion”) combine to create our Hathor archetype; Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of beauty, love, sensual pleasure in all its forms (including wine, perfume, song, and dance), and – of course – sexual pleasure!
  • The “Competitor” – a true Amazon. The “Competitor Siren” is exciting because she inhabits a man’s world as an equal, and often dares him to “master” her in terms of achieving challenging feats. Ms. White cites Beryl Markham as a “Competitor Siren.” Other famous Competitors – this time from our movie genre – include the redoubtable Mrs. Emma Peel from “The Avengers,” and the Lara Croft character in the “Tomb Raider” movie and video game.
  • The “Mother” – a caretaking role. The “Mother” corresponds to the classic Empress (or Isis, Egyptian mother-goddess) archetype. She is most concerned with providing nurturance. Ms. White offers Wallis, Duchess of Windsor as an example. Another famous “Mother” siren is Pamela Harriman.
  • The “Goddess” – a much more remote and unreachable archetype. Ms. White offers Evita Peron as an example. While true “Goddess” instances are rare, many of us find ourselves drawn to the High Priestess archetype – which is centered on her own inner wisdom and knowing. Being centered in herself, and not in a man, makes this type alluring; there is always the “thrill of the chase” when seeking attention from a Goddess/High Priestess!

Great minds think alike. I love Ms. White’s examples, and Part Two of her book offers many more, along with useful tips and hints. Her book is one that I will cheerfully recommend to students and friends alike, and reread myself, just to brush up on pointers!

Sexual Power – and the "Jade Egg"

Sexual Power, the “Jade Egg,” and Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) – Yes, There Is a Connection!

Darlings –

A wonderful word – I’m getting my “review copy” of Unveiling either today or tomorrow; it shipped from CreateSpace yesterday. So of course I had to let everyone on my email lists know about this last night.

The first question that came back had nothing to do with archetypes, integration, or even the “Fountain of Youth” (ch’i cultivation). Instead, it was as direct, simple, and pragmatic as it could get – and it has to do with sex, and with giving and receving pleasure.

T., a dancer, asked:

… Have you ever herd of a Jade Egg and if so does it truly work? I’m in my thirties. My boyfriend told me I don’t contract. I also don’t get any pleasure from him so I feel kind of weird. I’m looking for a web site about the Jade Egg, but haven’t found any useful information yet. Can you help me?

T., your question is very important. In fact, it is REALLY important – both for you and your partner. And your basic Oriental dance (belly dance) training can help you a LOT. You just need to emphasize working with your core as you do your movements, integrating “core work” into everything – I teach this, and will start to have workshops beginning this fall, including this topic.

Yes, I do know what you mean about the “Jade Egg.” The “Jade Egg” is an egg-shaped stone (various sizes) that a woman inserts into her vagina, and learns to move it up and down her vaginal area through muscular contractions.

You don’t have to use a “Jade Egg” (although there’s nothing wrong with it), but you CAN gain a strong core that will enhance your sexual pleasure, and your partner’s. I actually describe the best approach (an abdominal training exercise) in Unveiling, Chapter 25: Sex Secrets of Belly Dancers, and you should be able to order this either through Cleo’s Closet, or through CreateSpace (later today or tomorrow – if the “review copy” they shipped yesterday arrives in a timely manner, and I can approve and they set up their e-store – all this can happen VERY fast), or in a week or so from Amazon.

Your best resources for overall descriptions and training are:

Gerson Kuhr’s Core Training for Belly Dancers – (see link above). I make this part of the Registration Package for all of our Beginners (and even advanced students, joining in from another class), because core training is VERY important.

Unveiling: The Inner Journey, Chapter 25: Sex Secrets of Belly Dancers. Details on a type of abdominal crunch that will improve your interior and exterior oblique strength, which is what you need to induce strong pressure on your partner during love-making, and some very interesting (new!) information on how our dance movements can actually induce clitoral stimulation – indirect, but very nice!

Also, just as important as gaining core strength (and learning how to use this strength effectively), we also need to release our back tension, and tension in our pelvis and sacrum. Releasing (unnecessary) tension is as important as is using our strength. I write about this in Chapters 14-16 of Unveiling, and we can learn to use our dance movements for tension release as well as part of our dance training.

Healing Love Through Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy, by Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia, Chapter 7. Lots of detailed and fairly technical information. Rather dry and dull, but comprehensive.

Really, I suggest factoring core training into your dance moves as being the most fun and “juicy” way to get your core strength to enliven your sexual pleasure.

Best wishes in all, and let me know how this works out for you!

Yours in dance – Alay’nya