Jewelry Designer Susan Hillson Hosts First One-Woman Show

Dear Ones —

Have just come back (w/in last 20 minutes) of Susan B. Hillson’s wonderful first-ever one-woman jewelry show (fabulous job, Susan, and I’ll post up your website as soon as you have it ready!). All her friends and co-workers came, and Sabira and I joined her as well. Beautiful jewelry, and she will custom-design to order. To connect w/ Susan (until her website goes live), use shillson7 (at) gmail (dot) com.

"Rising Star" dancer Sasheen

Sasheen is another dancer in her group (of students who’ve just been studying for two years) who has rapidly evolved her dance ability. Sasheen’s style tends towards the archetypal — the mysterious, something other-worldly or very old within our world.

Sasheen loves both sword dancing and fire dancing — this performance will herald a new sword dance from her; one very different from her first one in both tempo and style.

Sasheen was the first of her group to perform; she and dance friend Elizabeth (a modern dancer) put together a show in this very same place over a year ago — we were impressed then, and anticipate a much more exciting work now!

"Rising Star" dancer Sitara

Sitara — who has been with me for just over two years — personifies the kind of “rising star” dancer that we see here. Through her own hard work and dedication (much more than my brilliant coaching), she has developed a lovely and personal interpretation of classic Danse Orientale in the Egyptian cabaret style.

This year, she is refining a previous work — adding extra dimensions and polish.

Those of you who saw Sitara perform just last May will get a treat to see how her dance has evolved so rapidly within such a short time. I’m particularly thrilled with how she has gained an ability to hold audience attention, and use a variety of moods and techniques to add interest to her dance!