Diva Consciousness


“DIVA CONSCIOUSNESS” – A First Year Series Letter

June, 2004

Dear Ones –

“Diva Consciousness”

June is the “high month” of the year. The sun shines the most. The plants are lushly green from the spring rains, fully leafed out, but not yet sere from the summer’s heat. The new birds are hatched and the animal young are birthed, and their parents toil incessently to feed hungry mouths.

In June, in the midst of summer light, we also see the germ-nucleus of the “winter-dark time.” The seeds, seedlings, and starter-plants establish their roots and fill out – we see our summer garden taking shape. But by the end of the month, we’ll make the transition from setting out new plants to watering and keeping alive those that we have. In our home, one of the young ones is preparing to leave late in summer; she’s become an adult, and is moving on to a new life stage. We’ll miss her, and we’ll reshape our lives, flowing into the space she leaves behind. But more, we’ve reached a point where nurturing a younger generation has reached its fullness. It’s not that she’ll never need us, nor want to come home again. It’s just that she’ll never need us in the same way, and she’ll be establishing a home of her own. As she moves on, we will also, each to a different stage in our lives. And just as life and growth reaches its maximal surge forward, we see the initiation of the “dark.”

And the “dark” is not a bad thing. Without the “dark times,” we would not reach deep into ourselves for our next desire, our next vision. The contrast between light and dark gives us a balance between action and reflection. And so June, more than any other month, is a time of balancing. A balancing between light and the emerging pinpoint of dark. A balance between sometimes overfilled and overflowing action with a few moments of calm and reflection. In the midst of the whirlwind of activities, we reach for occasional moments in the “eye of the storm.”

In June, as our creative energies reach their zenith, we refine how it is that we “do” our creations. We ask ourselves, “Are we becoming too feverish? Too caught up in making things happen? Are we trying to ‘do it all?'” (As I, admittedly, often do.)

Love to all – Alay’nya