Good Orderly Direction


” “GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION” – A First Year Series Letter

May, 2004

Dear Ones –

“Good Orderly Direction”

May is a wonderful energy-ripening month! The dreams that we felt, sometimes unseen, in the dark cold months of the year coalesced into a sense of purpose, a vision, a desire for how we wanted our lives to unfold over the coming year. More than anything else, winter was the formation and nurturing of desire. With early spring, we gained energy from the sun, and all of nature sprang into joyous activity. By April, everyone and everything was focused on sex, feeling the energy infusion of “The Fertile Goddess.” The birds were doing it, the chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits were doing it – and the plants were definately doing it – as everyone who had pollen attacks could affirm!

If April was a “spring-into-action” month, May is even more so. During April, I was equally drawn to both “spring cleaning” and gardening. During May, both desires intensified – to the exclusion of all other practicalities and commitments. But there was a shift – a subtle but real energy shift. And I re-discovered Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of not so much thing-placement, but energy-balancing. And this is the subject of the letters for May.

(to be continued …)

Love to all – Alay’nya