Deep Cleaning Our Lives


” “DEEP CLEANING OUR LIVES” – A First Year Series Letter

April, 2004

Dear Ones –

“Deep Cleaning our Lives”

Dear Ones –

Sometimes we know our desires, and are simply waiting for season to change, and for our desires to ripen and unfold. During this last winter, I was recovering from surgery. My energy was at one of the lowest ebbs that I’ve ever felt. And yet – from this time of enforced reflection – there was a very profound shift, a shift that could not have taken place so readily had I been experiencing “normal” energy. Recovery from surgery became part of the transition from “Mother” energy to “Crone.” I came through this time not so much with different values,but a different balancing of values and perspectives. But that was in winter.

With spring — with light, fresh-emerging green, and both soft and hard rains — a new energy infused my life. I looked around the house, and realized that no-one had cleaned much of anything in months. All of a sudden I wanted not only “clean,” but “deep-clean.” Freshness, radiance, and sparkle! So off I went on a cleaning-journey, which was its own form of discovery. Because when we clean, we not only freshen and clean physical things, we clean the stagnation and dust out of our lives. We let fresh air into our lives, and invite in fresh ideas.

When I deep-clean, as you probably do also, I don’t just clean “around” something. Instead, I pick things up, move them around, clean under, around, over, in and out. And then rethink where the “thing” should go. And begin to reassess how each “thing” interacts with and contributes to the environment. I ask, “What is missing? What needs to be repaired? What needs to be replaced?”

Love to all – Alay’nya