Your Personal Fountain of Youth



Revitalize Your Life.
Rejuvenate Your Body.
Awaken Your Passion.
Belly Dance
Sensual Awakening for Grown-Up Women.
Workshop: Saturday, Nov. 19th, 9:30 – 11AM.
Kealakekua, Big Island, HI
New Thought Center of Hawai’i
Classes Start Saturday, Dec. 3rd, New Thought Center, 9:30 – 10:30 AM
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You’re smart and successful. You’ve accomplished much of what you’ve set out to do. Your life is on track, and you’re doing the right stuff.

Yet you feel this vague, hard-to-describe sense that something is missing.

You may not have felt this way since you were asking yourself – for the first time – what you really wanted from your life.

The funny thing is, now you’ve done it. Or most of it.

The career success. The kids (or not). The relationships, the achievements, the house or condo, the vacations – you’ve done or had them all.

In this very funny, odd sort of way – you’re asking yourself What’s life all about? What have I been missing for all these years? What’s the next step for me?

Alay'nya - veil and floorwork combination in vintage-style improvisational dance.
Alay’nya – veil and floorwork combination in vintage-style improvisational dance.

Well, congratulations, dear one.

You have indeed done the right things, at the right time, and in just the right wayto be asking just the right questions, right now.

Questions such as – How do I:

  • Pull my life together? – including those aspects that I’ve shoved into the back closet for all these years,
  • Tap into my sensual core? – tap into my body so that I vibrate, pulsate, move with passion and excitement, and
  • Access my very own Fountain of Youth?


Belly Dance – Your Personal Fountain of Youth

Some things do get better as we get older.

Among them?

Our sensuality. Our passion. Our ripeness.

The challenge is – we often lose our access to our own intrinsic vitality, our life-energy, as we mature.

It’s not just years and hormones. It’s more that we need to transition to a richer, more succulent form of life-juice. We need to switch to a deeper energy source.

This definitely is possible.

Throughout centuries, and across diverse cultures, esoteric sages and scholars – gurus, yogis, and tantric masters – have all discovered and taught these special methods.

The real problem?

Although much has been preserved, taught in secret, and now is taught openly, most of what was preserved and taught has been oriented towards men.

A women’s path? Something specific to helping women unite their sacred and sensual selves?

Lost to purges and pograms. Burned at the stake.

The secret to recreating this deep, ancient knowledge – specifically for women’s bodies and psyches – is within our bodies and our energy systems.

Belly dance is our pathway to accessing this ancient knowledge.

Not just gym-class belly dance, or Youtube belly dance, but deep belly dance. The kind of belly dance that captures and imparts the ancient, esoteric energy secrets.

We learn not just the physical movements, but how to access and use our vital energy, our ch’i.

In the best tradition of Steven Spielberg’s Star Wars, if we were training as a Jedi knight, we’d say that we’d be learning to use the Force.

We learn how to keep it, use it, play with it.

The result?

A sense of life-richness, of exuberance, of rich, sensual flowing energy that invigorates and replenishes every aspect of our being.


The masculine road to mastery is the martial arts – after Mars, the god of war.
The feminine road to mastery uses the Venusian arts.
We learn the sensual, flowing, life-juicing arts of Venus, the goddess of love.


Are you looking for your own Yoda, your own Obi-wan Kenobi?

You need a transformational teacher, and a life-path.

In your first few months, you will learn to:

  • Communicate calm confidence and inner harmony – realign your posture,
  • Exude a compelling presence – move beautifully, sensually, and gracefully, even if you are a “woman of a certain age,”
  • Feel more integrated, powerful, and present – by releasing emotional tension and blockages that cause tightness and stress in your body,
  • Access the potent, juicy source of life-energy, your ch’i – instead of dissipating your vital force, learn how to keep your life energy flowing inside you, and
  • Use your new energy and life-experiences to discover your next-stage life path – discern how to bring deeper wisdom into all areas of your life.

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